Darrick Reed

Darrick, Brianna’s father, has 20 years of business experience in the corporate world. He has spent the last 14 years in leadership positions in the Technology sector, building & scaling teams on a global level. Darrick is passionate about building growth strategies and serving others as they strive to achieve their goals, for businesses and his colleagues. In addition to his work in Tech, Darrick is the co-founder of a real estate investment firm and is an NCAA certified basketball coach. In every role Darrick assumes, his passion for helping others realize their potential shines.

Darrick, his wife, two daughters and son have committed to lifelong support of the Intellectual Disability community. The Reeds are veteran fundraisers, having worked to raise money with KIDS IQ Project, and they are active in their church and community. Darrick’s role in co-founding IDefine is a natural extension of his desire to provide the tools necessary for success, and he is honored to work with such a talented, committed team to identify treatments and, ultimately, a cure for KS and other Intellectual Disabilities.

In Darrick’s Words:

Tell us about the person you love who was diagnosed with KS.

My daughter, Brianna, is 8 years old and is the most joyful, pure soul I have ever been around in my life (yes, I am biased!). I wish I could be more like her in so many ways – she has been a true gift to our family and we love her so much!

When did your child receive a KS diagnosis?

5 years old

What resources, outlets, communities were most helpful to you at that time?

Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, as well as the KIDS IQ event in Boston which we attended shortly after diagnosis.

How has KS changed your life as a family?

Brianna has brought a genuine joy & purpose to our lives and only strengthened us as a family. She is a true blessing.

What is your biggest hope for the future?

To find a cure for KS and share the science behind our efforts to support other rare genetic disorders.